"Art-football" returns 01.03.2013


This year in terms of the All-Russian Charity Campaign "Under a flag of Kindness!" held in Moscow for the first time there will be an unprecedented event — the Football World Championship among performing artists (Football and Music Festival "Art-football"), which is the international component of the Campaign and is definitely a one-of-kind event as far as its scale and originality.


The dates are June 2 to 12, 2013. It is expected that the teams will be comprised of film and music celebrities from 16 countries, who will participate in football competition with a format similar to the FIFA championships.


At the same time, every night in GorkyPark the two teams who are free from the games that day will present national gala concerts, backed by performances of Guests of Honour — the world class pop stars.


The arrangement is to use the stadiums and concert venues in different parts of Moscow, including the ones recently included in the city limits.


The total number of participants and the Guests of Honour is 500-520 people.


Throughout the whole Festival it is planned to launch a large-scale campaign to raise charity funds allocated for treatment of seriously ill children — a so-called Week of Goodness and Mercy.


In the end of the Festival personal medical certificates guaranteeing payment for expensive treatment will be presented to over a hundred of children in need of such treatment. The certificates will totally amount to 30 million roubles.


The Opening Ceremony will take place on June 2. The Closing Ceremony will be on Russia Day, June 12, at the “Eduard Streltsov Stadium”, where a joint team of well-known politicians and pop stars named "Rosich-Starco" will play with the World Artistic Team, the results of the championship will be announced, participants will award certificates to the parents of the children in need of expensive medical treatment and will perform at a gala-concert.


The Festival will be supported by Moscow Government.


The Executive Directorate is NOBF "Directorate of charity programmes "Starco".


We are confident that the invented and the first to be carried out in our country Football and Music Festival "Art-football" will become a tradition and in a few years will become one of the world's most prominent sports and music events in support of the ideas of Kindness and Humanity. 


Organising Сommittee


Contact information:


Websites: art-football.ru (under construction), fcstarco.ru, flagdobra.ru

Address: 9 Schepkina St., bld. 1, floor 1, Moscow, 129090

Phone numbers: +7 495 725-04-42, +7 495 631-34-90

E-mail: artfootball2013@gmail.com



Clip and film "Art-football 2007":